Top down image of a bride and groom dancing

Pricing and packages

Top down image of a bride and a groom dancing



8 hours of coverage
Drone footage
4-5 minute highlight film
4K quality
Digital delivery

(one filmmaker)



8 hours of coverage
Drone footage
5-7 minute highlight film
30-60 second teaser
ceremony film
4K quality
digital delivery

(two filmmakers)



10 hours of coverage
Drone footage
7-9 minute highlight film
60 second teaser
Ceremony film
Toasts film
Special dances film
Home video
RAW footage
4K quality
Digital delivery
Physical hard drive delivery

Additional filmmaker


Having two on-site cameras helps capture every moment, and adds to the cinematographic pieces we have access to when creating your movie.

Additional Coverage


We plan weddings to the last detail, but there is always space for life to get in the way of our best laid plans. If things run long, we're happy to help.

(plus $100 for each additional filmmaker)

Rehearsal Dinner


You've got us shooting for a rehearsal dinner up to two hours long.

Skip the line


If you know you just can't wait to get your videos, we expedite the process and have everything to you in about two weeks.

.RAW Footage


We'll save everything we've made for you onto a thumb drive for you in it's most versatile format.

1 min teaser


A quick highlight of the day made from the footage we collect. Great for social media.

home Video


Everything we've put together, but in the style of an old-school camcorder (complete with some small bumps and shakes).

Toasts Film


Keep your well wishes close to your heart with a film of your loved ones' toasts to you future.

special Dances


Capture all of the special dances from your wedding.

extra hard drive


Keep your memories extra safe with a backup hard drive!

Jada & Vinny

Robyn & Mitch

Sapphire & Luke


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